Monday, April 14, 2008

Does this car make me look fat?

How do I look? Chevy builds 'fitting room' at dealership

The world’s first drive-in fitting room that lets car buyers check out what they look like in their car before they commit to purchase has just been opened, according to an article in Motor Trend magazine.

Despite three out of every four drivers in England saying their car is a status symbol – wanting other drivers to view it as a reflection of the owner’s personality and success – 95 percent admit they have no idea what they actually look like behind the wheel.

Until now.

A Chevrolet dealer in London has created a drive-in "fitting room", a curtained room where buyers can "try on" a car by driving it on to a turntable surrounded by three giant mirrors.

A remote-control handset can rotate the turntable through 360 degrees view of what they actually look like in their vehicles.

Susan Kalair of Chevrolet said: "We’re excited to be the first car brand to introduce a drive-in fitting room. It’s such a simple idea but with 95 percent of drivers saying they have no idea what they look like in their car, we think it could prove a drive-away hit."

(Does that mean that the old guys with toupee's might finally know that it still looks like a toupee even though they are driving a Vette?)


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