Thursday, May 8, 2008

All Electric Tesla sports car dealership opens in Los Angeles CA

See YouTube video of Tesla versus 500HP Viper

While still not in serial production – only four production cars have been built – and plagued by problems with the original transmission – Tesla has opened its first factory store on May 1, 2008

The Tesla is powered by some 7,000 laptop batteries if you can believe it and is plenty quick off the line. Their Web site claims that it accelerates from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds (see YouTube video below), while obtaining a range of 220 miles per charge at a per mile cost of just 2 cents.

A video posted on YouTube depicts a race between a 500 horse powered Dodge Viper and the battery-powered Tesla. In the quarter mile, the Tesla beats the Viper by a significant margin. The commentators on the video acknowledge that in a longer race, the Viper will beat the Tesla, but that is an impressive performance for a vehicle powered by laptop batteries.

Check out the video at:

Want to get on the waiting list? Tesla’s Web site quotes a $109,000 base price, but production is already spoken for. To get on the waiting list, you will have to put up $60,000.

Tesla Roadster: learning lessons from the EV1

With advances in battery, software, and semiconductor technology, electric cars can now perform as well, or better, than conventional cars, said Musk during an interview. Asked about the EV1, General Motors' electric car that was summarily shut down, Musk said the car's short life was likely not the result of a conspiracy between car manufacturers and oil companies. Instead, he said, the car probably failed because of big-company inertia.

Tesla Roadster: a battery on wheels

The Tesla Roadster is essentially a battery on wheels. Much of the company's design work revolved around developing a lithium-ion battery pack to power the car. The battery cells come from a third-party provider, but Tesla has wrapped it into a battery pack that can deliver energy rapidly for the car's acceleration.

Check out the CHEVY VOLT electric concept.



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