Friday, February 8, 2008

Dealership employees “borrow” an Infiniti G35 to video street racing stunts

Bellevue Washington dealership employees “borrow” an Infiniti G35 to video street racing stunts - wanted video to post on YouTube

But bright, they are not. “Drifting”, the art of sliding the rear wheels sideways while burning rubber was the trick. A parking lot right next to the State Patrol’s regional office was the location. The outcome obvious - or should have been.

Late last Sunday night, two 21-year-old Bellevue Washington dealership employees got a great idea. An Infiniti G35 had just been traded in, and one can guess that their discussion somehow gravitated to street racing. So, who would know - they decided to take the car for a joy ride, apparently to demonstrate their “drifting” skills for the video camera. The video was intended for posting on YouTube.

“Borrowing” the car was not a bright idea to start with, but these two geniuses decided to compound the error with a series of bad decisions.

First bad idea: The chose a parking lot right next door to the regional office of the Washington State Patrol. A trooper returning to the Patrol’s office heard the wheels screeching and saw the car as it “drifted” through the turns in the neighboring parking lot. Both were arrested at the scene.

Second bad idea: videotaping the entire scene. Some of the video was shot by either Dumb or Dumber from the curb as the other drove. When the trooper spotted the video camera he confiscated it and was rewarded with video tape evidence of the entire episode.

Their voices were obviously recorded throughout the adventure. The final few seconds of the recording show the police cruiser approaching, while one says, “I’m going sh**, cop up here!” and then the recording ends.

Both were charged with felony malicious mischief and the driver with reckless driving. The charges sound serious enough but given the growing number of innocent victims killed each year by reckless “street racers,” it seems that this type of behavior should draw a more serious penalty.

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