Thursday, February 14, 2008

John Kerry's SUV Hybrid Sitting On Used Car Lot

According to Kerry’s Chief of Staff, the senator is helping the fight against global warming and reduction of greenhouse gases by giving shorter speeches. that dubs itself “the latest in green gossip” headlined the news that Kerry’s used Hybrid is sitting on the used car lot at Koons Ford in Falls Church after having been traded for a 2008 Tahoe Hybrid.

Those interested in owning the used hybrid of a famous senator and past-Democratic nominee for President are urged to act quickly. There is no word on how many miles are on the vehicle, but a companion article found at notes that the vehicle has a price tag of about $26,000.

The Washington asks the question, “But what is Kerry, Mr. Saving the Planet Jr. (Al Gore is Senior) doing getting rid of his hybrid? Is he going back to a gas-guzzling ozone-destroying emissions way of the past?”

Apparently they contacted the senator’s office with that question and were assured that this was not the case and that Kerry replaced his 2-year old Escape with a new Tahoe Hybrid, which they quickly pointed out was the 2008 Green Car of the Year. According to Kerry’s chief of staff, David Wade, it is a 40 percent increase in fuel efficiency.

As usual, when politicians use percentages you have to look for a little deception. In the version of the story, they are quick to point out that the senator traded a hybrid that gets 30 miles per gallon for one that only gets 22 mpg. Again, quoting - “Tsk, tsk.”

You might recall that during the 2004 election Kerry was questioned about his family’s use of a gas-guzzling Chevy Suburban at their ski-country mansion - one of their many. Husband of super-wealthy heiress to the Heinz fortune, Kerry countered that this was not his vehicle, but was owned by “the family.” Apparently he has found a way to keep is big SUV and environmental conscience too.

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